Bright Bin of Laundry

Laundry basket or Easter basket?
Today was a much needed laundry day requiring several loads of wash.  But who is complaining when this is what comes out at the end!  Yes...this rainbow of hand dyed fabric was the result of another fun day of dyeing!!

Yes there were probably several other projects that I should have been tackling, but it was a gloriously beautiful day for dyeing other responsibilities went out the window, while the pups and  I headed out to the backyard for some more experimentation!
Setting up shop in the backyard as the pups supervised
After my first dye party's success with scrunching, I set out to do some more experimentation with this manipulation technique using 3 sets of gradated dyes.
Ombre Parfait created by scrunching fabric and adding layers of 4 gradated dye lots:
mixing red, tangerine, golden yellow and sun yellow
Rainbow of fabric and dye parfaits
For the yellow to blue colorway, I used lemon yellow, mermaid's dream, turquoise and intense blue.
For the pink to blue colorway, I used magenta, reddish purple, eggplant and mixing blue.

After waiting 20+ hours for the batching process, I woke up super early to start rinsing/washing out my little bundles of fun.
Morning glory series:  some significant wash away of dye but still beautiful!
Yellow to blue with some brilliant interactions of color!
Saving the best for last--sunrise colorway that matches our blooming lantana!
As I was pressing all these fat quarters, my mind was transported away to all the beautiful quilts that will be made with these beauties...once of course I get up the nerve to cut into them!!  ;-)

Yes, I am officially addicted to dyeing my own fabric.  I already ordered an entire bolt of prepared for dye white fabric along with a few more procion dyes in preparation for my next day of dyeing!!