Friday, July 17, 2015

Meditative Mandalas

This past week, I started Alyssa Burke's Mandala Magic online class.  Her class combines backgrounds on mandalas, as well as her process for designing her own mandalas.  The best part is watching her create the mandalas on camera--some set to music and others where she talks through her process and decision making.  It is totally mesmerizing to watch the mandala start with a few concentric rings penciled in as guides and transform step by step with black pens and markers.  After starting my own shapes and embellishment libraries, I was ready to get in touch with my mandala mojo...
My own mandala magic
They are just as fun and liberating to create!  It was truly meditative as I just focused on filling in the individual petals with contrasting designs with no master plan.  I just chose a shape, doodled it in marker or pen, and then went to work filling each section to my hearts content.  These are my first two mandalas, and I am totally hooked!  More mandala fun to come...

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