Multitude of Miniature Sewing Machines

My Bernina, aka Bernie, is back home after being in the repair shop for 3+ weeks.  She required not one but three different surgeries:  replaced microchip, replaced LCD screen and finally a replaced hard drive! Luckily for me, the quilt shop had a loaner available so I could resume progress on several challenge quilts, including my "Argyle and Azure Spiral Galaxy" quilt!  Alleluiah!!

Doug quickly recognized how I longed for Bernie, so he helped to fill the void by hooking me up with not just one but five replacement sewing machines...
Army of Lego sewing machines
He had a field day recreating various sewing machine models completely out of Lego bricks.  It started out by making a miniature version of Bernie to decorate my newly constructed pegboard shelves.  But then he started to enhance the design with more superior features and upgrades to create an elite sewing machine.   
Mini Modern Marvels--look at those computerized screens and superior stitches created!!
After he created the ultimate computerized sewing machine out of Legos, it was time to revisit the classics...
Don't tread on us
Yup...he found a way to create super tiny Singer treadle machines, complete with the turning wheel.  And I have a feeling there are more designs in the works, including a long arm!

So now I have a fleet of petite sewing machines ready for some sweet sewing action!!  Thanks Doug!!


  1. These sewing machines are great! My husband says that's some serious Lego,


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