Introducing...More Interleave Quilts!!!

This month's guild meeting Show and Tell was jam-packed, including quite a few Interleave quilts on display...woo hoo!!  
Parade of Interleave Quilts!!
Several of the quilts displayed were started during the July demo, so it was really nice to see them in person and beautifully finished.
Renee and Irene finished Interleaves
And then several members are just joining the Interleave fun.  When they weren't able to attend my demo, fellow guild members helped to unveil the magic of creating Interleave quilts.  And they experimented with the process to create some very exciting Interleaves.  Martine (left) went with a table runner size, but when she didn't have a wide enough strip, she improvised by inserting a thin strip of black fabric.  That pop of black really adds a lot of interest to the design!!  Trish decided to slice up her two tops using different widths, adding yet another design element.  She also rounded her corners when facing her quilt.  Welcome to the Interleave club!!
Martine and Trish mixin' it up!
Ileane's Interleave
And then there were several members who are moving onto their next Interleave.  Several participants created longer Interleave quilts to make some terrific table runners.  Ileane took on a patriotic theme as she incorporated red, white and blue strips and stars into her Interleave. L Wilkinson (top picture-right) chose a fun assortment of fabrics to create a really dynamic table runner (I am bummed I didn't get a better detail shot).  

Last but not least--there was the Interleave Obsessed!  Yes, Sandy E came brandishing 4 more finished Interleave quilts!!  For this series, she chose mostly black and white prints, along with a pop of color.  It's official:  Sandie has surpassed me in the quantity of finished Interleave quilts!   

They are all fabulous...job well done all!!   

Sandie E is hooked on Interleave Quilts


  1. So many happy quilts and quilters, Mel. What a delightful workshop. I wish I could have been there but I'm reading the links you provided. Thanks!


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