Opportunities to See My Quilts on Display!

This week, the mail man delivered exciting updates about two of my quilts that will be displayed in two different exhibits!!

Hoffman Challenge Update:
The first parcel was from the Hoffman Challenge curator.  Inside contained confirmation that my entry, "We Are the Knights Who Love to Quilt", was chosen to travel with the 2015 Hoffman Challenge and will travel with other quilts in Trunk D (which has its own travel calendar posted online).
"We Are the Knights Who Love to Quilt"
The curators also included an announcement for the 2016 Hoffman Challenge, which will be the "first time Hoffman is offering a digitally printed fabric as the Challenge fabric, and in two versions--black and white!"  The challenge fabric is style #N4240 from the Crystalia Collection featuring butterflies...certainly a huge upgrade from this year's challenge fabric!

I requested a copy of the Judge's comments and greatly appreciated the judges insights:
"Very interesting and creative overall design with fabuous impact using metallic contrasting fabrics.  Piecing points are nicely done.  Nice two sided quilt, however, quilts should lay flat so be cautious adding too much dimension to the back.  Construction of the sword handle needs to be attached better.  Less stuffing in handle might help the handle not stick out too much.  Variety in the quilting and use of combination of colors in quilting thread is effective."
All in all, very positive feedback regarding my design and construction.  I will totally own up to the construction of the sword which was a first for me and I certainly struggled on how best to attach it to the shield.  But I wonder whether quilts that will be displayed as part of this challenge are truly expected to lay flat or rather hang flat?  Oh well...I am proud of the special details added to the reverse side and stand by my design decisions and hope they will surprise and delight those who are able to check out the travelling exhibit and have a white gloved person help show the reverse side of the quilt!

Last but not least, we got our Hoffman Challenge SWAG goodies:  2015 Hoffman Challenge Pin, a large spool of Aurifil 40/2 Mako thread and a fat quarter of Hoffman fabric (not the 2016 Challenge fabric, which also features butterflies!)

2015 Hoffman Challenge SWAG
New Quilts of Northern California Update:
Yesterday I received word that my "Sideways Sine Waves Spirals" quilt was juried into the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit at Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF).  This quilt was designed as part of an online laboratory to help test and refine techniques that will be featured in RaNae Merrill's newest book!  Moreoever, RaNae will be in attendance at PIQF, as she is on the faculty this year!!

The PIQF entry deadline is rapidly approaching, but already, I have 3 quilts that will be on display as part of special exhibits this year, all practically in my back yard--very exciting!!:

If you haven't already, be sure to mark your calendar's for this year's PIQF, October 15th-18th at the Santa Clara Convention Center!!  Hope to see you there!!


  1. Thanks...can't wait to see your Propellersquilt on display at PIQF!


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