Sayonara and So Long Summer Sewing Sabbatical

Florida Family Time
Back in May, I put in my resignation and took some time off from working.  Any worries of getting stir crazy were quickly put to rest as I made a ginormous list of projects, classes, travel and of course quilting!  Here are a few highlights from the past 3 months, which I have affectionately dubbed my Summer Sewing Sabbatical:

  • Connect with family!  First up was flying to Florida to meet up with my mother and brother.  While it was super hot, it was so nice to be surrounded by family!  We also hosted my cousin Crystal here in the Bay Area.
Bonding with Doug
  • Joining a small quilt group.  Mind you, I swallowed my pride a bit by joining a Senior Citizen Community Center before the age of 40, but these weekly gatherings were well worth the ribbing I received from family & friends.  It was such a treat to get to know this lovely group of women and all the lively conversations.
  • Making some great progress on my New Year's Resolutions!!  Besides my 4 dyeing parties, I also spent some time learning Electric Quilt 7 (aka EQ7).  While I still have lots to learn, I was able to comfortably use EQ7 to draft designs for four different quilts and 2 quilt blocks.
Summer Fabric Dyeing
  • Start fun new quilting projects.  It was such a treat to take some in-person workshops and start new projects.  Here are some previews of projects started and are in the works for exciting future blog posts...
Preview of Works in Progress/Future Blog Posts
  • Explore opportunities to take my quilting to the next level.  I've been mulling over all the possibilities of turning my passion into some form of career (even part time).  Not sure what route to take, but I did dedicate some time researching different avenues including pattern writing, enhancing my blog and teaching.  I even had the opportunity to try out teaching Interleaves with a recent Quilting 101 Demo.
  • Complete and Compete in Quilt Challenges.  I managed to complete 5 challenge quilts and make a great start on several more challenges.  I am excited to share that my "We Are the Knights Who Love to Quilt" was accepted into the Hoffman Challenge Travelling Exhibit Trunk D...woo hoo!
Completed Quilt Challenges
  • Land a new dream job!  I hadn't even started my summer sabbatical, when I learned of my dream job accepting applications!  I spent my first week off from work updating my resume and putting together my application materials before the deadline.  But after lots of waiting, an interview and reference checks, I was offered the position.  Orientation starts this Monday.  So while I am excited to start this new chapter in my life, it does mean that my Sewing Sabbatical is rapidly coming to a close.  But I am proud of my accomplishments and hope the momentum will carry me through this time of transition.