Snowball's Chance in Hell

Back in May, I embarked on the Persimon Dreams "Focus Through the Prism" Project Quilting Series of ROYGBIV Challenges.  Each month a new traditional quilt block was selected as inspiration for us to create a 20" square quilt that read as one color from the Cherrywood ROYGBIV bundle.  Red was my final color that remained for the November challenge featuring the Snowball block.  A quick search yielded the quote "A Snowball's Chance in Hell" which seemed perfect for the color red!!

First task was to paper piece my Snowball block, using the Snowflake 2 block from the EQ7 library.  Instead of paper, I tried the EQ Printables which are translucent and can be left in the quilt.  It went through my printer fine and made it so much easier to see whether my fabric swatches were aligned correctly before sewing!!  I am a total convert and will be using EQ Printables in future paper pieced projects!!
Paper pieced Snowball block
With my snowball pieced, it was time to create the fiery backdrop featuring mostly reds, oranges and yellows.  All 24 blocks were created using magical glowing fabrics from my stash.  I spent an entire morning cutting out squares and thanks to some matching colored peanut M&Ms, I kept up my energy to design and finish the quilt in just 2 days.  
Quilt Top Progression of Fabric selections, layout and assembled Snowball top, with help from matching M&Ms
The final quilt top was quilted with an all over flame motif using variegated thread.
"Snowball's Chance in Hell" finished at 20"x20"
This quilt seemed a fitting finish for this 7 month challenge series.  There were a number of times where I doubted my ability to find inspiration and/or time to finish each monthly challenge.  But I persevered and as a result was able to design, create and quilt 7 unique and fun quilts.  These challenges were a great way to experiment with the different blocks using EQ7 and translating these designs into fabric.
All 7 Quilts in Monthly Order from Top Left to Bottom Right
All 7 Quilts in ROYGBIV Order
All in all, this was a really fun challenge and pushed me to try new techniques, practice using EQ7 and I am really proud of this series of quilts.  I can't wait to learn more about the next round of Quilt Challenges hosted by Persimon Dreams!!