Three Challenges in Three Weeks

I think this is the final stretch for quilt least until the Spring!  I have 3 challenge deadlines coming up for the end of this month and just under 3 weeks to get them done!  And while I have not yet commenced construction on any one of the three quilts...I've got the inspiration, fabric selection and many of the design details worked out (at least for the 2 quilts below) so I can make a big dent this coming weekend!!
Michael Miller Modern Quilt Guild Challenge--can't wait to dive into this beautiful palette!!
Chevron Craze for the MQG EZ Quilting QuiltCon 2016 Triangle Quilt Challenge 
And that is all I am revealing!!!  You will have to tune back in at the end of the month to see if I was successful in finishing all 3 quilts and what will become of these fabrics!!


  1. Scrumptious fabrics! Very inspiring photo.

    1. Thanks Ann--Excited about both. Still procrastinating on both as I don't have all the details ironed out, but I have a feeling once I get started, the design/construction stuff will all work itself out!


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