Canvas+Paint+Friend(s) & Wine=Paint Nite Fun!!

I've always been drawn to create art, and I especially enjoyed taking art classes in elementary and high school.  Unfortunately, my college studies limited my ability to continue my art education.  This period was brief, as once I wrapped up my graduate work, I took up quilting.  And while quilting is certainly my main love, I also enjoy other creative outlets:  photography, cooking, mosaics, beading, drawing, etc.  So when I learned about Paint Nite from my friend Tami, I was immediately intrigued and ready to give it a try!  Fortunately, it did not take much convincing for Tami to be my date, and we had an absolute blast!!  

Paint Nite is a relatively new trend here in the San Jose area, combining the creativity of painting, affording attendees the opportunity to check out the cuisine and cocktails at various local hot spots.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by our host and Paint Nite Artist, Fuqua Duarte, who was just all around amazing!!  He provided the table cloths, aprons, canvas, easels, brushes, paint, rinse stations and most importantly, a mini Shamwow to dry off our brushes between use!!  
Canvas-check!  Paint-check!  Brushes-check!  Wine-check! We Are Now Ready to Paint!
Tami had attended several Paint Nites and said Fuqua was the best yet!  His outgoing personality and humor certainly paved the way for an entertaining and relaxing 2+ hours!!  Last night's artwork featured a cherry blossom tree with a full moon backdrop.  And while he guided us through the process of creating the background, foreground and little details along the way, he also encouraged the rebels amongst the group, such as Tami, to explore alternative colorways and designs.  I changed the orientation of my canvas to landscape and painted mountains for my midground, instead of the urban landscape of skyscraper buildings.  Tami opted to also skip the cityscape and created lovely red and orange flowers, as she is not a fan of the color pink.  At the half-time break, Fuqua encouraged us to walk around and check out at our fellow attendees' creations!  While we all received the same instruction and supplies, I was really impressed to see quite a bit of variety:  orange moons, detailed buildings, a pagoda building and my personal favorite:  a solid, pale blue background with one large pink lotus flower in the center!  Yup--this one attendee skipped the moon, dark sky and tree branches and really made an original work of art!!    
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night of Painting and Having Fun!!  This Is My In-Progress Pic Taken at Half Time Break
After the break, we were ready to add our cherry blossoms and any other final details.  Fuqua even demonstrated how to paint cat and owl silhouettes, for those wishing to add some night creatures to their scene.
Adding Blooms to My Masterpiece
This was a super fun experience and I can't wait to attend another Paint Nite event!  If you've never experienced the fun of attending a Paint Nite, I highly encourage you to check it out (hint-hint:  there are a number of significant discounts offered through Groupon and Living Social).
The Fun of Paint Nite May Be Over, but I Have My Souvenir of A Truly Fun Evening with Tami!


  1. How fun. My son and DIL attended some last year and had a blast, too. I'll have to try it sometime... since they haven't given me one of their masterpieces!

    1. It is super fun!! Can't wait to see your masterpiece!!


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