Mini Mandalas

Thread Palette and Kona Solids
The San Jose Museum of Quilts &Textiles has a call out for 10" fiber art entries for through their annual FiberShots fundraiser event.

After having so much fun making the Mystical Mandala quilt, I chose to make a Mini Mandala as my entry.  Not only would this mandala be smaller, but I wanted to play with cool color threads as well as an off-center grid.  Soon after starting my mandala, I decided to make a second mandala that I could keep using the same colors with some subtle variations throughout.  It would be faster and more efficient to quilt both quilts before changing out thread colors, especially since I planned on using a minimum of 8 different threads!  Both 10" mini quilts were completely quilted in less than 6 hours (including several short stretch breaks).

I enjoyed watching as each mandala bloom grew larger and more colorful...
Mandala #1
Mandala #2
Did you pick up on the subtle differences?!?  Here they are side by side, which may make it easier to pick out the small changes in design and thread coloring.  There are at least 5 changes.  Hint:  click on the picture for a larger pop up screen to make for happy hunting!)
See If You Can Spot the Differences Between Mini Magnificent Mandala #1 and #2
For those of you who have asked whether I would consider selling my quilts--here is your opportunity to purchase a Mel Beach quilt!  Mini Magnificent Mandala #1 will be donated to the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles FiberShots fundraiser and be made available for purchase for $100, beginning with the SJMQT Champagne Reception on March 11th.  While the sale will continue through April 30th, you should know that once a quilt is purchased, it will go home with the new owner on a first come, first serve basis.  So you do not want to miss your opportunity to add an original piece of art to your collection while helping to support SJMQT.  I've seen several other FiberShots made by my fellow quilters--and there will be a really lovely selection of original quilts available for purchase.  Let's hope they are all scooped up by someone who loves it just as much as I do and helping to support all that the SJMQT does to "promote and celebrate the art, creators, craft, and history of quilts and textiles."
Mini Magnificent Mandala is Looking for a New Home!!