Square in a Square Block Modern Makeover: Ninja Star

The Square in a Square block was the focus of this month's "Everything Old Is New Again Block and Quilt Challenge," sponsored by Modern Quilts Unlimited.
Collection of Blocks at the Halfway Point
Last month was the half way mark, and I took the opportunity to evaluate all the blocks made thus far for unity.  The two blocks in the left column were made earlier in the series and used lots of 90-degree angles vs. mostly diagonal lines and rays featured in the other four blocks' designs.  I used this month's block design as an opportunity to design a block that would bridge the gap and add to the overall collection.
Auditioning Different Colorways
Starting with the basic Square in a Square block, I incorporated an inner wrap around border from the North, South, Geese, West block with the colorway of my Dealer's Choice block (which did not get its own posting).  I think it is a beautiful block on its own and really helps create cohesion among all the blocks made so far.  I will continue to use previous blocks to guide new designs, as well as start thinking about the final quilt layout!!
Ninja Star
You can vote for Ninja Star online (with a facebook account) today through 2/14 (hint hint).   


  1. Mel, your blocks are fantastic! You have come up with some really great designs! Looking forward to the rest of your blocks (and quilt)!

    1. Awww...thanks Paige. I am having a lot of fun taking the traditional blocks and adding a modern twist. I too am looking forward to the remaining block challenges and figuring out how mine will all go together in a quilt!?!


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