Zip It!

Back in January, I treated myself to a birthday treat:  a class on making zippered pouches.  For the class, we used the Becca Bags pattern, which I found to be well written with easy to follow illustrations and instructions.  The Becca Bags utilize only half of a zipper.  Yes--you actually cut up and pull apart the zipper and use only one side for your zipper!  With the additional of an extra zipper pull, you can make two pouches with only one zipper!      

But wait...there's more!  The pattern has instructions for making two different sizes of pouches, so you get double the fun!  I just had to make a companion bag for each of the larger bags.  

The Simpsons' pouches made for a fun Valentine's Day gift for Doug.  They were perfect for holding more Valentine's gifts:  chocolates, post it notes and of course, Legos!  I can't wait to whip up some more of these zipper pouches for family, friends and perhaps myself!?!    


  1. These are great! What kind of zipper did you use? And what about the extra zipper pull? I will check out the pattern!

    1. Thanks Paige. I pulled out my Becca Bags pattern and on the back it has important zipper notes listed: "the One-zip technique works with polyester, all-purpose, basic apparel zippers (size #3 or #4.5) by YKK, Coats & Clark or Talon brands. All zipper tapes and pulls must be by the same manufacturer to work together" They also advise testing the zips/pulls to ensure they work together before you stitch them in. I used YKK brand zippers and pulls and they come in a wide range of colors to blend in or create a pop for your bags. Our LQS carried bags of 20-25 extra YKK zipper pulls that I picked up to have ready for using the other half of the zipper.


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