Adventures in Fabric Painting

Today's crafting adventure was all about fabric painting!  My friend Amy hosted and generously shared her painting boards, paints, stamps and a wealth of inspiration for today's session!  And if that wasn't already enough, we were treated to some absolutely glorious weather for our outdoor session!

I started out with two fat half-yard of white pimatex fabric, which we dampened with water and then pinned to the painting boards.  From there, Amy demonstrated how to add layer upon layer of color and texture!!  Below is a preview of my experiments from today.
Fun with Circle & Dots
Layers upon layers of fabric paint were added by brushing it on, flicking excess paint off the brush, and stamping with rubber stamps, toilet paper rolls, PVC, chopsticks, twine wrapped around a block of wood and even Legos!  As you can see, I was all about circles and dots today!!  But we also got in touch with nature by doing some sun printing!  There were supersized clovers in Amy's garden that made for a lovely all over print.  We color washed the fabric and then pinned various foliage on top and let the sun work its magic!  We took a break and had lunch and came back for the big reveal!!  Additional texture was achieved with the use of rubber stamps, PVC and chopsticks!  I am not sure what I will make with this particular print, but I am quite pleased with the final design!
Nature Inspired Sun Printing Fun
I also experimented with some color discharging using deColourant, which was applied onto solid fabrics (orange and blue), using PVC piping to create different sized rings.  Typically the deColourant is applied to a dyed fabric, and once dry--a hot iron is used and the dye/pigment is removed from the area with the deColourant.  Well--the sun was so warm today, that it did most of the work for us, and using a hot iron had little effect once home!

All in all, I enjoyed the process of creating exciting new textures and prints!  Once I got home, I realized that I actually had some fabric paint stashed away in my studio, as well as a Craftsy class on fabric painting--bonus!!  So I am looking forward to expanding my experimentation with fabric painting.

Many thanks to Amy for a truly lovely day of creating!  


  1. What a fun day, Mel. I really like your shamrock fabric. The time you took to place the clover and then mark fairly regular repeats of your other stamps is well rewarded. A fabulous piece. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks I have to find the perfect project worthy of cutting up that beautiful piece of fabric!! I may take a page from your notebook and do something improvisational?!?


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