Duo of Dyes

We've been experiencing quite a bit of much needed rain here in Northern California.  And while it dampened my plans for a dye party this coming weekend, I was still able to squeeze in a quick dyeing solo session.  It started out simple by mixing up a small amount of stock and using only two colors dye:  turquoise and magenta.  By varying the ratio of dye to stock, I was able to create 4 values of each color in order to create more ombre fabrics.  And of course, by mixing the two colors, I was able to achieve purples, periwinkles and some red violet.  
Dazzling Beauty Achieved By Using Only Two Colors!
I also experimented more with folding, pleating and using rubber bands/clothes pins to create some fun patterns.
Textures Created by Using Rubberbands and Pink Dye
While I typically use Pimatex cotton for dyeing, I pulled a few prints (black & white along with white on white) from my stash to overdye.  I kept a swatch of the original print, and washed the remaining yardage in order to remove any chemicals that may prevent the dye from being absorbed.  You can see the before and after images below.
Overdyeing Black & White and White on White Prints
My Assistants and Models:  Susie Q (left) and Panda (right)
All in all, I managed to dye a whopping total of 11 yards of fabric in a short session.  And as always, my models Susie Q and Panda were at my side for the entire process from ripping yardage from the bolt, mixing up the dyes and watching as I was out in the rain retrieving my dyed fabrics for the rinsing process!  It's only fair that they were included in the photo shoot!!

Panda - Pretty with Pink
Susie Q Showing Off the  Range of Colorful Hues