Point, Click, Quilt?!?

Favorite Discoveries in Mundane Location #1:  Utillity Meters/Trash Area
During a recent library visit, I checked out Susan Brubaker Knapp's book entitled "Point, Click, Quilt!"  I really wish I had read this gem prior to my Monochromatic Fused Floral project, but better late than never!  She provides a wealth of tips and examples for composing great photographs that have potential to make for lovely quilts.  She also provides a number of exercises and missions for inspiration.  Today, I took advantage of a break in the rain to tackle Mission Number 2:  Shoot in a Mundane Location.  I started by photographing the side of our house where the utility meters are located and where we typically store our trash and recycling bins.  Other than taking out the recycling and trash, I spend very little time here.  Spending just 5 or so minutes, I took a total of 20 photographs that included a variety of interesting compositions, color, lines and textures.  Most of this area was concrete, plaster, metal, plastic, brick and wood, but I was delighted to find some evidence of nature, even if it was just a weed!

Vibrant Foliage
From there, I explored the front of the house which I pass by daily, but never spend much time up close and personal.  Here I spent more time and took another 30 or so photographs.

Even though this area faces the north and does not receive as much sun, there was still a wealth of lush green foliage (much thanks to all the rain we've been getting these past few weeks).

I also captured a variety of wooden landscapes and textures found in the fencing and dead tree trunk in front.  I took loads more pictures of the many patterns and designs, but here are some of my favorite wooden shots.

Wooded Wonders
Here are a few more interesting photos of interesting lines, shapes and textures, taken of both man-made items (shutters and brick work) and nature (rocks).
Final Textural Finds
Will any of these photographs lead to future quilts?!?  Perhaps?  Regardless, this fun exercise got me outside for a bit and helped me to appreciate my surroundings and develop a better eye for interesting compositions, lines and textures.


  1. This is awesome and so timely for me. I will incorporate some of this into the workshop I am taking at Empty Spools starting next Friday with Jean Wells "Connecting with Nature". I will look for the book in our library. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Perfect timing indeed! I hope you have a blast at Empty Spools and can't wait to see how you connect with nature via quilting!!


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