Sailing Around the World

PFD Check!  Boating Safety is Sexy!
This month's Modern Quilts Unlimited "Everything Old is New Again" block makeover presented two block options:  Airplane or Sailboat.

Being an Aquarius and having spent most of my summers at Girl Scout resident camp (canoe regatta weeks, lifeguard and former summer camp Waterfront Director) I opted to give the Sailboat block a modern makeover.  Now I will confess that our waterfront was located on a fairly small lake, so most of our boating instruction focused on canoes, kayaks, row boats, paddle boats and training for the annual canoe regatta.  But the camp did own two small Sunfish sailboats that I would occasionally take out on some of the more windy days.  Having little training in the art of sailing, I was always sure to bring my trusty canoe paddle, just in case the wind did not want to cooperate!

For my modern makeover, I used EQ7 to design several versions of a small sailboat, complete with a flag and wake of water waves.  Each block has 18 pieces of fabric--some of which are pretty tiny!  Thank goodness for foundation piecing!!
EQ7 Sailboat translated into Foundation Pieced Sailboat

This block was then set into a 4 patch layout, rotating each square 90 degrees, creating a wonky star center and starry points in each corner.
Sailing Around the World, Finishes 12"x12"
 Online voting (facebook account required) will begin April 11th and continue through April 15th.  Be sure to cast your vote for your favorites!


  1. I really like your sailboat block Mel.

    1. Thanks Barbara...I was skeptical when they first unveiled this month's theme, but I am pleased with my modern makeover--and glad you are too!

  2. Imagine that. We were both GS counsellors. Twins.

    1. Lots of great memories spent at GS Camp...we'll have to swap stories when we meet up next!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Paige--it was a fun one to design and piece. Many thanks for voting and promoting via facebook! I greatly appreciate it!!


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