May MQU Modern Makeover

This month's Modern Quilts Unlimited "Everything Old Is New Again" block challenge inspiration was the LeMoyne Star.  Dot to dot quilting designs were still on my brain and inspired my modern makeover design.  Drafting up the block was fairly quick in EQ7, and I made sure to avoid inset seams!  I played around with the color/value placements and here are my three favorites.
Modern Make Overs Via EQ7
Petite Prototype
I was almost finished piecing all 8 units when I finally realized that they seemed a bit small for creating the required 12" block size.  Sure enough, I had inadvertently printed the foundation sheets to create a 7" block!   I decided to assemble it anyway, and figured if pressed for time, I could always add a border or two to achieve the 12" requirement.  

The next morning, I woke up and reprinted the foundation sheets, taking extra care to print 12" finished size (and I even double checked the print outs with a ruler!).  Foundation piecing the larger units seemed to be faster and easier.  

With 24 seams all verging into the center, I made sure I was very deliberate with my pressing.  But even with all the best pressing tricks, it's still pretty dense!

Siena Star, Finishes 12" x 12" (at least this one does!!)
I chose to alter the name for my block entry as a tribute to my alma mater:  Siena College.  One of our competitors was LeMoyne College, another small, private, upstate NY Catholic College (but founded in the Jesuit tradition.)  So this block is in honor of all the Franciscan friars and my fellow Siena Saints!  

You can check out all the great block submissions and vote for your favorite(s) using your facebook account here.


  1. Watching your creativity is always an inspiration, Mel. Love the name.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Ann...they have been a lot of fun to design. Just two more blocks left to design...I should probably start figuring out how to arrange all 12 blocks into a quilt top for the final challenge!?!


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