Perfectly Perwinkle

Periwinkle Wonderland
This time of the year, my neighborhood turns into a periwinkle wonderland!  The streets are lined with large Jacaranda trees that are all in full bloom, casting a purple haze all along the street.    
They have been in full bloom for the past week, and the flowers were beginning to fall.  So I decided to go for a short nature walk to capture their beauty on film.

Most of the pictures were taken right from my driveway!  There were Jacaranda trees every way I looked!!

Mighty, Majestic Jacaranda Trees
Blooming Beauties Right Outside My Studio
What a perfectly delightful start to my day!  With my morning dose of inspiration, I was ready to start quilting.  I sat down at my machine, looked out to appreciate the Jacaranda tree outside my studio, when something else caught my eye.  A large yellow butterfly fluttered past my window and touched down in one of the shrubs.  I grabbed my camera and ran out just in time to take this picture below, just moments before it took flight and disappeared out of sight!
Butterfly Beauty


  1. I'm not familiar with that tree! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I wasn't either until I moved to the San Jose area. It only took me 6 years to figure out their name...but they certainly are lovely come Springtime!! Glad you enjoyed!!

  2. Yes. One of the treasures of California. Jacaranda is such a beautiful tree.

    1. Absolutely--and I just learned that they can also be found in Australia too!!


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