Beach Breeze

This month's Modern Quilts Unlimited "Everything Old Is New Again" challenged us to do a modern makeover on the Drunkard's Path block.  Not only did this block feature curves, and with that came a number of curve balls that required me to rethink my original block design.

Using EQ7, I experimented with several different block designs and colorways before landing on the block design below left.  I liked how it incorporated rays and tied in with previous block makeovers including my Whimsical Whirligigs and Bow Tie Burst.  But as you can see, the final block included a few "adjustments" from the previous design.    
From Plan A to Plan E!!
As you probably noticed, the sea foam rings are missing.  I tried to add them using two or three different applique techniques, all of which failed miserably!  So I decided to abandon the ring entirely and opt for a simplified quarter circle in each corner.    

Now that my four block units were complete, it was time to assemble them into my 12" finished block.  As I was laying the units out, I realized that by simply rotating the blocks, you could feature a lime or grey center.  Choices, choices!!
Plans D and E!
After much going back and forth, I chose to go with the grey center, which surprisingly seemed brighter!
Beach Breeze, 12" x 12"
As the blocks seem to fan out...I brainstormed a variety of block titles featuring breeze:  Summer Breeze, Ocean Breeze...before landing on "Beach Breeze."  Online voting will be open through June 15th (facebook username required).  Be sure to vote for your favorite(s).

It's hard to believe this is my 11th modern block makeover as part of the MQU "Everything Old Is New Again" challenge series.  We have one block left to design, before putting them all together into a finished quilt top.  As we will only have a month to finish our quilts, I've already started sketching out a few layout ideas.  And I have quite a bit of print yardage featuring chevrons and dots, both of which helped inspire my fabric palette, but have only been incorporated into two of the block designs.
11 Blocks Done...1 Left to Design...Before Putting Them All Together!


  1. you've made a old pattern new again! I love your choice and your process! Thanks for sharing. The grey center is the winner.

    1. Thanks Barbara...I've had a lot of fun adding a modern twist to these classic quilt blocks...and seeing how others' modern makeover designs!! And phew---so glad you agree with the grey centers!


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