Back to Creative Strength Training Camp: A Slice of Black & White

I was back to Jane Dunnewold's Creative Strength Training Camp this week.  This week's action prompt inspired us to work with color within a 3x3 grid.  Starting with the first box, we were to add color and carry one of the colors into the next box.  Then new colors could be introduced into the second box, with a newly introduced color carrying into the next box...continuing along until all 9 squares were complete.

I was inspired by my Slice of Improv blocks, and inserted slices of black and white patterns into each of my nine squares.  I very much enjoyed the process of simply doodling away within each strip taking inspiration from many of my favorite free motion quilting motifs.
Slice of Black & White Doodle Fun
Now it was time to transform my grid with the use of color and more pattern.  Initially, I focused on coloring in the bands, but soon realized the the background area needed something more.  Drawing inspiration from the band's design and coloring, I created accompanying low volume prints.  Many of the prints looked like floating confetti---which seemed to be my way of celebrating week 3 of Creative Strength Training!
Celebrating Camp Session 3
It has been fun seeing what my fellow campers have created using the same prompt, especially since there are a variety of mediums in use:  water color, acrylic, markers, pen, and fabric.  I am looking forward to seeing what creative inspiration awaits us in Week 3 of CST Camp!  I hope you will consider joining the fun!