Creating Colorful Kaleidoscopes

I've been on a real mandala kick lately.  So imagine my delight when, just today, I discovered an online Kool Kaleidoscope Painter program.

I feel it is my duty to warn you that mandalas and kaleidoscopes can be very addicting...especially when this program makes it so simple to create such stunning kaleidoscopes all with your mouse!   You can experiment with background colors, brush stroke size, and special effects.  With a simple click, you can set it on "Auto Draw" and the program will draw a kaleidoscope all by itself!!

And unlike a typical kaleidoscope, this one allows you to capture your newest creation and save it to your computer!  Here is just 5-10 minutes of playtime using this fun program!!   Oh the quilting possibilities!!!

Happy kaleidoscope creating!!
Kaleidoscope Kraze