Moroccan Inspired Interleave

Adding Variety to My Strip Sets
Now that most of my quilt challenge deadlines are met, I am excited to use this downtime in revisiting some of my favorite techniques and designs.

For my first round of experimentation, I chose to revisit Intriguing Interleaves. and add more variety to my starting strip sets.  I began by utilizing more strips within each strip set, while also introducing different widths.  In an effort to introduce a more modern element, I chose to work in all Kona solids, including two different neutrals (light grey and charcoal).  Here you can see the combination of colors, widths and ordering, which I thought were very exciting.

But how would they translate once they were sliced up and reassembled?!?  Time would tell as my Interleave quilt grew one inch at a time...

As the curves and transparency started to emerge, I grew more excited and encouraged!  These simple adaptations resulted in even more interest and movement!!

I just can't decide which orientation I like better?  Horizontal or Vertical?!?  
Moroccan Inspired Interleave, Finished Size 17" x 18"


  1. Great color combination. Please tell me when you teach this technique next locally. I don't know that I want to wait until Oct '17 :-) if that is what we will choose for our guild (well, I guess I can try to influence the decision). Love this technique and our color choices. Directions: tough - both look great, on first view: vertical, but then the horizontal makes me look longer.

    1. Thanks KB!! I will be sure to let you know the next time I teach my Intriguing Interleaves workshop, as I was contracted to teach Magnificent Mandala workshop for your guild in 2017. I am hoping to add a teaching calendar to my website in the next few you will see where and when I will be teaching/lecturing!!

  2. I absolutely love the color combo! I love both directions! I do think if I HAD to pick one it would be the second one. Can't wait to see your teaching schedule and present you to my guild!

    1. Thanks Barbara! I've had several exciting additions to my teaching schedule, but I would love to visit with you and your fellow guild mates!


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