Slice of Improv

I just love it when I get to see the finished projects from quilters who have taken a class with me!!!  Today, I get to share three quilts started during my Slice of Improv sessions with SCVQA Quilting 101.

First show and tell is from Ileane H, one of the Quilting 101 organizers.  Along with a fun variety of scraps and schnibbles, Ileane brought this wonderful ombre, organic stripe print that I just loved.  She sliced it up and incorporated it into many of her blocks.  She was fearless as she incorporated a great variety of techniques covered:  intersecting lines, floating units, 90-degrees and curves!!  She used a lovely eggplant colored linen blend for her background fabric, to which she added even more luscious texture through micro pebbling.    
Ileane H, "Slice of Improv" and Micro Pebbling
Karen F's "Slice of Improv Sampler" with Pops of Black & White 
Next up for show and tell is Karen F's "Slice of Improv Sampler."  Karen did a fabulous job of incorporating 28 "What If?" variations of the basic Slice and Insert technique, as she followed along with the handout!  Karen used a wonderful rainbow scheme into her rows, as she incorporated a festive variety of patterns & textures (dots, checkerboard, swirls and more!!).  But I especially love how she incorporated a fun variety of black and white prints that really pop!  I loved this addition so much that I have now added a fifth bin dedicated to storing black & white schnibbles for future Slice of Improv classes and projects!!   Thanks Karen!

Last up is Sandie E.  In the class, Sandie was working with cranberry background squares and making great progress on her improv pieced blocks.  So I was totally surprised when she sent me a picture of her latest finished top, "Ad Lib Strata Bubbles" featuring slice of improv piece border units!  Sandie started the beautiful strata columns in Rob Appell's Color Strata Quilts workshop.  When it came time to add a border, Sandie opted to incorporate Slice of Improv blocks.  They look like confetti sprinkled around the perimeter!!  Once again, her trusty feline friend, JR, came out to help model!  
Sandie E's "Ad Lib Strata Bubbles" as Featured with the Fabulous Feline Model JR
Thanks to Ileane, Karen and Sandie for the wonderful show and tell!  I've received a few teaser messages and pics of other Slice of Improv blocks and tops in progress...and can't wait to see them once complete!!