August Art After Dark: Terrariums

Last week, Doug and I attended an Art After Dark, adult-only program offered by our local library.  This month's fun craft project was small terrariums.  Upon arrival, we each received our own glass bowl and found different colored gravel, moss and small rocks stationed at each table.  The library staff/host did a great job outlining the steps for the project. and then we were off to layer our terrariums with gravel and soil in preparation for transplanting a small succulent plant.  The final touch was embellishing our terrariums with moss, rocks, and other decor provided by the staff.  The host showed off her finished terrarium which included a Lego minifigure, which greatly appealed to Doug (who is a big ole AFOL--Adult Fan of Lego).  The program concluded with some tips and tricks for caring for our little succulent plants.

My little terrarium hangs out in my studio, while Doug took his to work to hang out in his office (complete with a Lego minifigure...of course!).  
August Art After Dark:  Terrariums