Free Motion Mastery in a Month: Week 3 Progress

Time for some more free motion mastery in a month fun, as part of RaNae Merrill's online laboratory.  
This week we completed the free motion quilting of our sashing blocks, using different feather motifs.  Below are my three blocks, with the feathered fillers in the right sections.  I will confess that I was a little sad once my blocks were complete, as these doodles were such a liberating experience!
Feathered Fillers Finished
My sadness was short lived as we moved onto Doodle Dice, a fun game involving dice and doodles!!  Each side of the die (1 through 6) correlated to a different free motion shape:  1:  Lines, 2:  C-Curves, 3:  Circles, 4:  Teardrops, 5:  S-Curves and 6:  Spirals.  Our challenge was to roll a pair of dice and use the numbers rolled to create a new filler that combines both rolled shapes.  I managed to stop myself after playing twelve rounds of this game and filling two entire pages in my Free Motion Quilting Journal.
Doodle Dice Doodles
We also started to quilt the backgrounds of our motif blocks.  I chose to focus on circles for my background fills, but incorporated some fun variations.  Every once in a while I would either fill in one of my larger circles with several C-Curves, S-Curves or a Spiral or throw in an occasional teardrop shape.  I have five more block backgrounds left to fill in and will continue to experiment with some different combinations.
Background Circle Fillers