Free Motion Mastery in a Month: Week 4 Progress

All my motif blocks (nesting dolls) and sashing blocks (green dots) are completely quilted!  For the nesting dolls, I aimed to incorporate circle motifs into each background fill, combined with some of the other basic shapes:  S-curves, C-curves, Spirals, Teardrops and Lines.  It was easy coming up with cool combinations for the first few blocks, but then I needed to start getting creative.  I also aimed to incorporate the floating gold motifs into my quilting pattern, which required me to slow down and look ahead.

Once all the blocks were quilted, it was time to square them up into 10" squares.  I tried my best not to decapitate any of the nesting dolls during the trimming phase, but other parts may have been sacrificed as a result.

The next leap of faith was trimming up all my sashing blocks into 2.5"x10" strips and 2.5" squares for the intersections.  I was a little sad to chop up some of my quilted motifs.  But once I laid out the blocks and strips into their grid formation, I just loved how all the beautiful textures created so much interest.

Next up is quilting my borders and putting it all together with thin connecting strips.  But first, I need to decide on fabrics/colors.  My motif and sashing blocks are two sided--so the borders and connecting strips will need to play nicely with both the front (right side below) and the back (left side below).

Here are two EQ7 Mock Ups of the front side only...     
Red border with blue connecting strips        OR         Blue border with yellow connectiong strips
Either choice will involve a visit to one of my local quilt I have very limited yardage in the yellow and blue.  That will give me plenty of time to doodle some designs for quilting up the borders...oh the possibilities!!