Meadow Mystery Quilt Along 2016: Cutting

The Meadow Mystery Quilt Along continues with this month focused on cutting our fabric into the units needed for future assembly instructions.  I am always in awe of the participants that manage to get all their fabrics cut and organized within hours of the instructions being revealed!  Given all the different measurements involved, I opted to wait until my mind was clear to process the instructions and minimize cutting errors.  

This morning was the day and I celebrated the occasion by replacing my rotary blade with a brand new one!!!  Some days, it is the little things that bring such joy to my quilting world.  With a new blade installed, I was able to easily slice through layers and layers of fabric "like buttah!"  

I did have a small moment of panic when I opened up one of my fabrics that I thought was 3/4 of a yard, and learned that there a few chunks cut out from a previous project.  Luckily the Quilt Along host, Cheryl, does an amazing job writing clear, concise instructions that include some wiggle room.  With some careful planning, I still managed to have extra fabric left over after I cut out all my units.  Phew:  Crisis averted!

Here are all my units cut, stacked, labelled and ready for the next round of instructions come September.  After a lot of input from my fellow quilters and quilt along participants, I opted for the firework print (vs. pink polka dots).  It is one of my favorite prints and I am super excited to incorporate it into such a fun fabric palette.    
Meadow Mystery Quilt Along Units Cut and Ready for Sewing Come September...
There is still time to join the Meadow Mystery Quilt Along fun...hint-hint!!


  1. This is an impressive and harmonious selection of fabrics. Can you tell us a little about your labeling system? Is that painters tape, or some other magical notion?

    1. Thanks Jan! I am really excited by my fabric palette and can't wait to see how the quilt evolves over the next few months. As to my labeling system? It is one of my favorite magical quilting notions: blue painter's tape! I am keeping a growing list of all the quilting uses for blue painter's tape...I really should take stock out on it...;-)


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