Decorative Stitch Sampler

Like most quilters, I have two sewing machines, each equipped with an impressive arsenal of decorative and utility stitches.  Yet...most of my projects involved basic straight stitching and the occasional zig zag/satin stitch!

In my new workshop, Walking Foot WOW!, we'll explore using some of these decorative stitches to create beautiful, modern quilted texture...all using our walking foot!  All of my class samples were stitched on my Bernina 820, and I was sure to document all my settings (stitch number, length and width) for future reference.  However, I will be using my Brother nx450Q for teaching/travel, so I was sure to stitch up a sampler to use as reference on the various decorative stitches and settings.
All My Scientific Notations for My Many Experiments Using Different Stitches and Settings
This will be a great teaching tool, as well as helpful reference for future quilted projects.  I was lucky that I happened to have a spare quilt sandwich on hand, but I could have easily used a fat quarter of fabric and some scrap batting.  Starting at one side, I used a Micron black permanent marker to note the different stitches and stitch number along the top of the sandwich.  Below, I would begin stitching a straight line (using a contrasting Aurifil thread).  I would stitch an inch or so, pause to make a tick mark and note the current settings (stitch length and width) before making any adjustments to the next section of stitching.  I made sure to change only one setting at a time (stitch width or stitch length), so I could see all the different variations.  This particular sampler focused on 7 or 8 stitches, and took 15-20 minutes max to complete.

It is important to note that any changes in batting, fabric and/or thread used may alter the appearance of stitches produced.  So it is strongly recommended that you test your stitching on a practice quilt sandwich using identical fabrics, batting and threads used in your finished quilt.

And if you are curious as to how these stitches will be incorporated into quilted designs, there just happens to be a few spots open in my upcoming 10/8 Walking Foot WOW! class through Scruffy Quilts Quilt Shop in San Mateo CA.  Be sure to reserve your spot soon so you can join the fun!!