Quilt Inspired Walk About

Morning Mutt Butts
Susie Q, Panda & I just love starting out mornings off with a walk around the neighborhood.  They are busy using their noses to explore and ever on the look out for squirrels.  Meanwhile, this daily ritual is my opportunity to get in a short workout, reflect on the day ahead and admire my beautiful surroundings.  Yesterday I woke up not feeling so well, and was very tempted to skip the morning walk entirely.  But Susie Q and Panda's morning joy in anticipation of their walk motivated me to put on my sneakers and their walking gear and at least do a short walk.  The first block or two were rough going, and I was very tempted to turn back for home.  But I am so glad that I persisted as within a block or two, we soon found our stride and I started to feel better.  I also decided to take a few photographs along the walk, and clearly quilting was on my brain, as many of the pictures taken were inspired by quilting!

I was in awe at how many quilting grids were just a step away:  rail fences, checkerboards, 9-patches and blocks surrounded by sashing strips!
Quilting Grids
Of course, some of the grids were much more intricate featuring octagons, circles and other geometric patterns.
Geometric Gridwork
Every few blocks, I would encounter an alternate grid layout that required me to pause and study the pattern from different angles in attempt to decipher the repeating pattern.  Once I cracked the pattern, I would then try to figure out how it could be recreated and pieced with fabric!  
Alternate Grid Layouts
Several photographs were reminiscent of modern quilt trends:  improvisational slab blocks, chevrons and woven patterns.
Modern Designs
Of course, I also spied some quilting filler designs:  pebbles, micro pebbles and on point gridwork.
Free Motion Filler Designs!
While we oftentimes turn to quilt books, magazines and the internet for quilting inspiration, I encourage you to explore your own neighborhoods for possible quilt layouts and designs!  Your next quilt top or design could be right there at your feet!


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