Falling in Love with Red & Green

We're not gonna "fall" for silly ruse this next year...
I often get asked what I miss most about living in the northeast.  After being quick to respond that I do not miss the cold winters and/or snow...I then list off a few experiences that make me feel a bit homesick at times:
  • Falling asleep during a good lightening and thunder storm
  • Seeing lightening bugs sparkle at night
  • Stunning fall foliage display of brilliant colors.   
Northern California simply cannot complete with the breathtaking autumn displays offered within New England, but there are still some lovely displays to be found if you take the time to look a bit closer...

Luckily, our morning walks provided the perfect opportunity to admire, celebrate and capture some of these glorious fall colors.  And while Panda & Susie Q were initially excited to join the fun...their interest quickly started to fade after I repeatedly interrupted their explorations to pause for photographs along our walk.

I should also note that I am not a Master Gardener, so I will not even attempt to identify the particular species of foliage observed...but simply focus on sharing some of the beautiful colors and compositions captured with my cell phone.

Speaking of colors, I had hoped to capture the full spectrum of fall colors (red, orange, yellow, lime and some brown).  However, as our morning adventures continued, I was surprised by the overwhelming frequency of red/green pairing observed throughout our neighborhood.  And well...since Christmas is officially two month's away...let's celebrate all the beautiful red & green combinations.

There are still quite a few blooms to be found here in beautiful San Jose.  Here are just a sampling of some of the beautiful red (and pink) flowers that are still in bloom. 
Fanciful Fall Flowers
As the flowers mature, they will often result in the formation of fruit (which I did not attempt to taste).  
Fall Fruits
And for all you leaf peepers out there...there were lots and lots of beautiful leaf displays to be found all around including

....Radiating designs that travel out from a central point
Radiating Red & Green Leaves
...Linear designs that often resulted in a gradation of color (gotta love my ombres!!)
Linear Leaf Displays
...Explosions of red and green color
Color All Around
...Beautiful textures
More Fall Foliage
...Interaction of hardcape and softscape elements for more textural interest
Hard & Soft, Red & Green
...fallen leaves along the sidewalks and streets
Fallen Foliage
...and the beauty of our drought-friendly succulents
Super Drought-friendly Succulents 
I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful fall weather and explore your own neighborhoods for beautiful and all-natural red and green art arrangements.  Happy Fall Y'all!!