Walking Foot WOW! Wrap Up Celebration

WOW!!  Look at all the smiling faces from today's Walking Foot WOW! class at Scruffy Quilts quilt shop.
Smiling, Happy Quilters (minus a few camera-shy students) Proudly Displaying their Fantastic Quilted Samplers
These fun, fabulous & fearless quilters doodled and stitched their way through 16+ quilting designs that can all be accomplished with a walking foot:  lines, rays, starbursts, stars, grids, matchstick, decorative stitches and spirals.  It was great fun watching as each student personalized their 9-patch sampler by choosing different designs and oftentimes adding their own personal touches to the designs.  I especially love it when a student adapts the basic designs and transforms it entirely by asking "What If?" and/or combining concepts from previous designs to create an exciting new texture!!  There was a flurry of energy, enthusiasm and excitement as the day progressed.  I must confess that I just kept circling around the classroom admiring (and oftentimes petting) their gorgeously quilted blocks!
Look at all that Modern Quilted Texture that Looks & Feels Amazing!!  
I have several more Walking Foot WOW! classes/workshops coming up in my teaching schedule (and more to be added in the new year), so be sure to check out my website so you too can join the Walking Foot WOW! fun!!