Introducing the Latest Intriguing Interleave Inductees

Allow me to introduce the latest batch of Intriguing Interleaves Inductees!!
November 2016 Intriguing Interleave Inductees
This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of teaching "Intriguing Interleaves" at Scruffy Quilts Quilt Shop in San Mateo, CA.  As always, it is so nice to see a few familiar faces from past workshops and my quilt guild, as well as meet new quilting comrades.  We had a big range of quilting palettes including batiks, latte inspired prints, solids, hand dyed fabrics, bright prints and some really exciting combinations of colors and textures!!  
I just love watching on as everyone's Interleave transparency and curved designs emerge one strip at a time.  The pattern can be a bit tricky to recognize at first, especially when you are so near and dear to the project.  So every once in a while I would hold their quilts and step back a few feet so they could see their fabulous Interleaves take form.  They especially pop when photographed!!     

As you can see below, everyone made spectacular progress.  Everyone surpassed the halfway point on their designs.  Two even managed to finish the piecing entirely!  And because we use a quilt as you go technique, all that is left is to label and bind (and one of the speed demons got a jump start on adding their binding!!)  
In Progress Interleaves that are Well On their Way to Completion!!
I've already warned these new inductees that Interleave quilts can be addicting, and can't wait to see their finished quilts (and future quilts!!)

I am looking forward to adding new Interleave Inductees in 2018!!!  If you are intrigued by these quilts, I plan on scheduling another Intriguing Interleaves class in February (hint-hint).  I will be sure to post on my teaching calendar so you too can join the fun!!


  1. I love these! is there a commercial pattern to make them?

    1. Thanks Jean...Lorrie Cranor developed Interleave quilts and posted a tutorial on her blog: I've modified the process/design a bit and got her permission to teach others. If you are in the SF/SJ Bay Area, I will be teaching it again in 2017.


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