Hippie Holidays!!

Now that Santa has completed all his deliveries...I can share pictures of some of this year's hand dyed holiday gifts!

First on my list are all the well-behaved pooches that made it on Santa Paws' "Nice" list (although they've certainly had their fair share of naughty moments!)  Don't they look so stylish in their hand dyed pet bandanas?!?
Santa Paws' "Nice" List (clockwise starting top left):  Panda, Morgan (the girls' new boyfriend), Susie Q, Parsley & Helix
Of course, all these stylish pooches needed their families to match and so Santa was happy to include some hand dyed shirts, bandanas, socks & underwear for all their 2-legged companions!
Joy to the World!
Boring socks & underwear got a much needed makeover...
"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there"
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
I'll Have a Blue Christmas in chilly San Jose to I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas in sunny Florida!
Hippie Holidays from my family to yours!!


  1. Hippie Holidays, indeed! What fun you've had this year. I'm glad you dyed matching clothing for the pet parents; otherwise people might not know who belongs to whom.

    1. Thanks Ann...it's only fair that the hooomans and pooches look equally stylish and make a unified fashion statement! ;-)

  2. Looks like a very successful dyeing season for you....lucky puppies -adorable

    1. Thanks Barbara--successful for both myself and my lucky recipients! I lucked out with some awesome canine models...who were all paid handsomely for their services!!


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