Birthday WOW!

This past weekend was my birthday.  Typically I treat myself by enrolling in a quilting class through my guild and/or a local quilt shop.  Not only do I get to spend my special day doing something I love, but also learning something new!

This year I decided to mix things up a bit.  So instead of taking a fun quilting class, I was the one teaching a fun quilting class!  Yes, I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday by teaching Walking Foot WOW! for the fun and fabulous Mt. Tam Quilt Guild.
Such a Fun & Festive Gathering
These ladies were so enthusiastic and equally adventurous in their quilting designs!  I just loved checking in with them and watching their wholecloth quilts progress!  Everyone had fun experimenting with the different designs and ultimately making it their own.
So Much Variety in Everyone's Blocks and Designs!!
In this workshop, there is no such thing as a mistake:  merely creative design opportunities!  Yes--what may have started as an Ooops moment usually turns into an Oooh la la design--that is so interesting and exciting that I may just have to incorporate into future workshops!!  I was having so much fun connecting with everyone that I forgot to take more pictures!  But here are a few of the wonderful Walking Foot WOW! sampler blocks that were stitched on Saturday!    
More Walking Foot WOW!  Textures and Designs!
Thank you Mt. Tam Quilt Guild for a truly fun and memorable birthday!!

If you missed this weekend's Walking Foot WOW! fun...hopefully you can join me for a future workshop (dates/info posted on my website calendar).  If you are in the Bay Area--I will be teaching it at Scruffy Quilts on February 19th.


  1. Sharing your talent with others. Perfect way to spend your birthday.

    1. It was truly a memorable and perfect way of celebrating my birthday!! And they were such a fun group too!


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