Check Out "Russian Doll Delight" in Print!!

I love getting packages in the mail...especially when they contain a signed copy of RaNae Merrill's new "Free-Motion Mastery in a Month" book.
My Signed Copy of Free-Motion Mastery in a Month book!
But wait!  There's more exciting news!  Inside there are several images of my "Russian Doll Delight" quilt!!  This fun quilt was made as part of RaNae Merrill's online laboratory in which we went through all the exercises RaNae developed for learning to free-motion quilt in a month.  There were approximately 30 quilters from all over the country (and a few abroad as well) with varying levels of quilting experience, sewing machines and fabric choices.  This experience gave me the motivation and confidence to make the switch from relying on the Bernina Stitch Regulator to a regular darning foot in which required eye, hand and foot coordination to achieve beautiful, even stitches.

Here is my very own page (page 21) featuring my finished quilt with a shot of the detailed quilting in the background!!
One of My Favorite Pages--Page 21!!
While I had seen draft copies of the book, it was mostly text and sketches of the various designs.  So this was my first opportunity to see all the beautiful quilts and glorious quilted texture achieved by my fellow laboratory participants!!  As there were no guarantee that our quilt would be included in the final book, I was so excited to see my quilt in print.  But as I worked my way through the book, I kept finding more and more detail shots of my quilt sprinkled throughout the book as examples of the various designs and processes.  It soon turned into a scavenger hunt and I managed to find a total of 12 images that related to me and/or my quilts!!

Let's play a fun game:  See if you can find 3 detail shots of my quilt included in the pages below!!
Hint-Hint:  I Included My Actual Quilt in the Background As a Reference!!
I had a lot of fun learning new techniques and designs as part of RaNae's "Free-Motion Mastery in a Month" program.  I HIGHLY recommend her book as a wonderful resource and tool for anyone who is looking to learn and/or improve their Free-Motion quilting skills.  As with any new skill--it is a matter of practice, practice, practice...and RaNae has developed a series of exercises that are designed to ease you into free-motion quilting, and if you follow along day by day, you will see a progression in both your confidence, eye-hand-foot coordination, creativity and ultimately enjoyment of the quilting process.  But you don't have to take my word on it:  Check out all the amazing quilts and quilting achieved by quilters of all experience levels!!

You can order your very own copy of "Free-Motion Mastery in a Month" via RaNae's website or purchase it from Amazon.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! It certainly made my day and probably week to see my quilt and quilting in print!

  2. Thrilling news, Mel. And well-deserved recognition. It's a gorgeous quilt.

    1. Thank you Ann...I am proud of the finished quilt and greatly enjoyed the process of making it. I am so happy that other quilters will be able to enjoy it too!!

  3. Oh, Mel! I am so impressed. You are a big-time operator! I predict even more fame in the future!

    1. Awww...thank you Joni. I am having so much fun in this new journey--and happy to celebrate these fun adventures along the way!!


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