Happy New Year and Happy New Quilt-Related Resolutions!

Woo hoo!!!  It is officially 2017 and I am ready to kick off a brand new year of quilt-related adventures and resolutions!!  I love assigning myself 5 quilt related new year's resolutions that will challenge me to grow as a quilter/artist, but are still achievable!  And while they do involve some time and effort, they are usually way more fun than eating healthy, working out, etc!!

So...what do I have planned for 2017?!?  In a nutshell:  A LOT!!

1.  First priority will be to grow my business:  Mel Beach Quilts!

I am so excited about my 2017 Teaching Calendar and the opportunity to share my love of quilting with so many quilters, quilt guilds and shops!  I will be looking to market myself to a broader geographic region while also growing my online presence via an e-newsletter, Instagram and possibly video tutorials.  I also hope to add one or two new workshops to my listings to share some new techniques and designs!!  I have some larger goals/plans that I am keeping under wraps as I work out the logistics...but it should be an exciting year ahead and I certainly hope our paths will cross.

2.  Create Quilts to Enter into Juried Shows
I hope to design and create new quilts this year that are worthy of consideration for some of the larger and more competitive juried shows:  AQS, MQX, QuiltCon West and Houston IQF.  Not sure if I will be able to have quilts ready for all these shows...but will aspire to enter at least one or two this year!!

3.  Dyeing with Intention
I greatly enjoy the process of dyeing fabric.  I often joke that I feel like a mad scientist as I don rubber gloves, masks and combine different chemicals in the process.  I definitely want to continue my experiments, but I would like to be more intentional and keep better records of what worked as well as what didn't with the hopes of fine-tuning my process/results/recipes.

4.  More Series Work

Working in a series has pushed me to explore new designs, techniques and create new workshops.  I love asking "What If?" and working through different possibilities and variations.  I have a few more ideas to explore in both the Mandala and Slice & Insert technique series in the new year...but will be open to new techniques/designs that may lead to series work.
2016 Series Work:  Slice & Insert (top) and Mandalas (bottom)
5.  Continue My Quest to Eradicate UFOs!!

Each year, I make small strides in reducing the number of UFO's...but they continue to haunt me and my studio!!  I have a few older UFOs that I have very good intentions of seeing through completion.  But as I try to get to the source of my problem, I've noticed a trend where many of my workshop samples end up in the UFO pile.  While I do enjoy learning new techniques from other artists, I need to revisit my personal policy when it comes to following through on finishing class projects.  Do I need to complete the project to prove to myself that I've learned something new?  Or is the knowledge and experience alone sufficient?    

Ok...now that I've got a a game plan, time to head into the studio and start creating!!

Do you have any fun quilt-related new year's resolutions for 2017?!?  Are there any new techniques, skills or experiences that you hope to include in your new year?!?


  1. Great goals. I'm sure you'll achieve them. Except (perhaps) the UFO pile. If you manage to clear that I'd like lessons! I thought I'd eradicated mine but, like cockroaches, they reappeared.
    I'm looking forward to your workshop this year!

    1. I think the UFO resolution is starting to become a UFO itself! Yes--just as I finish one UFO--another seems to pop up. They are quite like cockroaches! I am looking forward to August's workshop too...will be lots of fun!


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