Meadow Mystery Quilt Along 2016: Blocks 2 and 5

This month's set of instructions for the Meadow Mystery Quilt Along had us constructing two new sets of blocks, using some of the smaller components previously pieced.  It looks like we've now completed all the block construction--yielding 6 different sets of blocks for a grand total of 25 blocks.  Many of the participants are having fun playing around with different layouts and posting to the Facebook group.    

I spent sometime last week assembling all my blocks and joining the layout guessing games.  Quite a few participants have posted pictures of their layout guesses, so I was surprised to see that my layout actually offered something new and different, especially so late into the month.  My excitement was short lived once I realized why mine was so different:  I had assembled one of the blocks completely wrong!!  Big oops!!  
Possible Layout #1 with Faulty Blocks
Truth is:  I kind of liked my version!  I also hate to rip out seams!  So I left it on my design wall for the weekend.  Last night, I gave in and pulled out my handy dandy seam ripper and got to work deconstructing the faulty blocks.  A few silver linings:  1.  it was only a set of 4 blocks whereas some of the sets have 8 identical blocks.  2.  I was able to salvage some of the individual rows within the block, so not as much ripping required.  

This morning, I confirmed the correct block construction directions and then got to work putting them back together!  Here is my updated guess at the layout...
New Layout Guess with Correctly Pieced Blocks
There are just a few weeks left until February's clue is revealed and with it, hopefully the final quilt top layout!  


  1. I like both layouts but the second one brings in a few new shapes (long rectangles) that add some variety. While I don't do mystery quilts it's fun to see how many different ways people can layout their units.

    1. I am surprised how such a small variation can really alter the appearance! It's been a lot of fun seeing other's mystery quilts evolve--as everyone is using such different fabric selections!


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