February Intriguing Interleave Inductees

Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming six new Intriguing Interleaves Inductees at Scruffy Quilts quilt shop.  What a fun group of women...and check out those amazing Interleave designs!!

It can be a bit tricky to predict how each Interleave will turn out as everyone brings such different fabric palettes and there are different templates to use!  This time I remembered to take a picture of all their fabulous fabric choices that lead to such exciting Interleave designs...
Akiko's Beautiful Jewel Tones = Precious
Chaya's Bold Combination of Chevron Print and Solids
Mary's Lovely Collection of Hand Dyes and Cool Colored Prints
Sherry's Range of Interesting Textures:  Hearts, Flowers, Solids, Marble and Tiny Dots!
Susan Working Outside Her Comfort Zone = Exciting Color Palette!
Wanda's Light and Dark Values Really Move the Eye Around

I just loved watching everyone's Interleave quilt emerge inch by inch!!  I look forward to welcoming future Intriguing Interleave Inductees in future workshops and hope you can join the fun!