More Fun with Walking Foot WOW!

This past Sunday,  I had the pleasure of teaching my Walking Foot WOW! class with these 9 adventurous quilters up at Scruffy Quilts quilt shop!  They all came with blank canvases (aka quilt sandwiches) and were ready to stitch up some beautiful masterpieces using their walking foot.  This workshop is so much fun and provides loads of inspiration for quilters of all levels.  We had a few relatively new quilters who were initially nervous about quilting their own quilt tops...but left feeling confident to tackle quilting their new quilt tops.  There were several experienced quilters who were looking for new ideas, and left with a few new tricks to add to their quilter's toolbox.  And of course, I always get new inspiration from everyone's creative takes on each of the designs, especially the occasional mistake that yields even more exciting designs!!

And check out some of their creations...
Gorgeous Quilted Textures!!
More Lovely Quilted Textures!!
For me it is always a treat to see several familiar faces in the class.  This class was extra special in that my Australian friend Catherine was in town visiting and was able to take the class.  Last year I provided some quilting inspiration and tricks via facebook messenger and email.  These conversations helped me to recognize the potential of offering a quilting workshop that rely on using a walking foot and some of my other mark-free tricks and designs.  A few months later I developed my "Walking Foot WOW!" workshop which has been quite popular among quilt guilds!  And less than a year later, Catherine was able to participate in the very workshop that she helped to inspire!!

Following the class, I had to attend another engagement.  I returned home to see Catherine set up in my studio putting the final stitches on her spectacular 9-patch sampler.  We celebrated with a quick binding tutorial and by the end of the evening she had a quilted, bound and absolutely stunning wholecloth quilted sampler!  
Stitched and Bound Sampler by Catherine M.
A few days later, Catherine went on to start a second sampler and fill in 5 of the blocks using a variegated thread and completely different designs.  I will have to wait until she returns to Australia to complete the last 4 blocks of her second sampler but made her promise to send along pictures once done as it is off to a gorgeous start!

As I mentioned, I love seeing familiar faces, especially those who have taken other classes/workshops with me.  Christine M took my Intriguing Interleaves class in November.  She arrived early and proudly showed me her completed Interleave quilt started in my class...and even more exciting...a second quilt made after the class!!  They both look absolutely amazing and were an amazing start to an all around fun day!!
Christine M's Intriguing Interleave Quilts!
I will be back at Scruffy Quilts shop this Saturday 2/25 to teach Intriguing Interleaves.  There are still a few openings if you want to join the fun and see just how deceptively easy it is to create the illusion of curves and transparency.  As a bonus, we'll utilize the Quilt As You Go technique so you will have a nearly finished quilt!!


  1. I recognize some faces here. Congratulations on another great class. I still need to take your Interleave class myself.

    1. Always fun to see some familiar faces in my classes/workshops! Can't wait to see your lovely smile in a future Interleave class!!


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