Meadow Mystery Quilt Along: Finished Quilt Top

Back in July 2016, the first set of instructions for the Meadow Mystery Quilt Along were revealed.  Nine month's later, we received the last set of instructions on assembling all the blocks into a quilt top.  Below is my finished quilt top.
Meadow Mystery Quilt Top, 60" x 60"
It has been a lot of fun watching everyone's quilts progress as each month's instructions have been revealed--especially now that they are all starting to come together.  There is still time to participate and make your own if you want to enter to win!?!

Many thanks to Cheryl for hosting another fabulous quilt along!  Cheryl does a fantastic job of writing her patterns, creating a fun sense of community among participants and lining up prizes.  Everyone who finishes their quilt tops and submits a picture via email by April 1st to Cheryl will be entered to win some pretty sweet prizes!!  Last year, I won one of the grand prizes:  gorgeous custom quilting by Jan over at Quilting Among the Groves!!


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    1. Thanks Paige! This was a fun quilt along! Now I have to figure out the quilting designs!! Oh how I wish that were part of the monthly quilt along instructions!

  2. Great finish, Mel. The colors and layout have an American Indian feel to me.

    1. Thanks Ann...I can totally see that! Maybe I will draw some inspiration from American Indian art for the quilted texture?!?


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