Mother/Daughter Fun: Fabric Dyeing

My mother and I squeezed in some pre-Easter dyeing fun.  In lieu of eggs, we added bright colors to clothing and fabrics.  She brought a few white cotton items with her and picked up a few more during our shopping excursions.
Mom's Dyed Treasures
Of course I couldn't just watch her have all the fun and I too joined in on the fabric dyeing fun.
"Patience is the art of hoping."  -Luc de Clapiers (French writer)
I always say that waiting for the fabrics to batch is the hardest part of the fabric dyeing process!!  Fortunately for won't have to wait 24 hours to see the finished they are!
New Tank Top for Me, Hankerchiefs for Gifts and New Boxer Briefs for Doug
We also dyed some half yard cuts of pimatex cotton.  Some of these pieces have already gone off to good homes with fellow quilters.  I am hoarding a few of the other cuts to be used in a future quilting project (or two!!)
Hand Dyed Half Yards
 Stay tuned for more Mother/Daughter Fun and Adventures!!