Stars & Stripes Interleave

I recently received an email from Janet, a quilter signed up for my Intriguing Interleaves workshop later this month.  She was getting ready to start pulling fabrics per the supply list and wondered whether it would be possible to create a red, white and blue interleave, as she didn't see any posted on my website.  Her enthusiasm and proactiveness just made my day and I assured her that a red, white & blue combination would look wonderful and directed her to a past blog post featuring a patriotic Interleave.  I then discussed the possibility of creating an American flag-like design and told her that since I was planning to make a new workshop sample, I would give this design a try and send along the adjustments so she can prepare accordingly.  And here is the end-product of my experimentation...
Stars & Stripes Interleave, 17" x 21"
For those of you that have taken my Intriguing Interleaves workshop, you will likely recognize some of my alterations, which I will outline below.

I chose to focus on red and white for the actual interleave portion of this quilt.  Instead of two sets of 3 strips (each strip measuring 6.5" wide), I used 2 sets of 4 strips with each strip measuring 5" wide.  I aimed for contrasting prints, textures and values:  red on red prints, white on white prints and several red & white combinations including a woven plaid!  In the top grouping, I quickly realized that there wasn't enough contrast between the top two middle strips.  So I swapped out the larger cherry print for a darker red roses batik.
Red & White Stripes
For this particular sample, I also experimented using a different foundation product.  For the past 2-3 years I've been using Pellon Tru-Grid 810 which comes premarked with a light blue 1" grid.  However great care needs to be taken when using heat with this particular product in order to avoid distortion.  While teaching this workshop for the Country Crossroads Quilters in Modesto, CA, I met up with Bethany Miller (who made the fabulous triangle Interleave quilt featured within my blog post).  She and her mother, Deborah, own & operate Plum Easy Patterns.  Bethany suggested the possibility of using Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid, which also features a 1" grid but is a fusible product, therefore able to withstand the iron's heat.  Later that evening, before the guild meeting, her mother gifted me a package that included several of their fabulous Plum Easy Patterns, templates and a half yard sample of Pellon 820 Quilters Grid for me to try!!  How incredibly thoughtful and generous!!!  The next day, I received a message from Bethany, including a picture of her second Interleave quilt that she whipped up in record time using the Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid.
Thank you Bethany & Deborah of Plum Easy Patterns!!
Starry Embellishments

Based on Bethany's suggestion, as well as her fast & fabulous finish, I wanted to try it out for myself.  Wow!  I was extremely impressed with the performance of the Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid.  It was far easier to work with and yielded a faster finish.  I will be transitioning over to this new product for future Interleave projects and workshops.  In fact, I have already ordered an entire bolt to have on hand!!

As I worked my way to the top, I replaced the last few sets of red & white strips with a larger blue strip measuring 6.5" x 18".  Using contact paper as a template, I outline stitched 3 large stars that were echoed and surrounded by a zig zag meander.  Other design options include appliqueing 3 large stars and/or using a blue & white starry printed fabric.

I had a hard time choosing a binding fabric and after consulting with a quilting friend, opted to do a faced edge finish.

Quilt Back Featuring a Faced Edge & More Stars!!
Many thanks to Janet for prompting me to create this new sample.  And special thanks again to Bethany and Deborah of Plum Easy Patterns for the great tip and Pellon 820 sample!

I am very pleased with this new Interleave quilt design and can't wait to include it in my upcoming Intriguing Interleave workshops.  I hope this fun, new finish will help inspire others to experiment with this fun and easy technique!!  And just in time to display for the upcoming summer holidays!!


  1. Pellon 820 is my favorite too, I use it in many of my designs and techniques. Your interleave pieces are fabulous

    1. Thanks Yanicka...I am an instant convert, at least for this particular project/design! These interleave quilts are so much fun and fast to whip up. I will be teaching a class tomorrow and can't wait to see everyone's fabrics and finishes!!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad we could help.

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I truly hope our quilting paths cross again soon!!

  3. Great modification. Isn't the quilting community the best? We all support and encourage each other! Love the red, white & blue. I can even see your reverse appliqué technique for the stars: cut out the blue fabric and have a surprise fabric underneath :-)

    1. I love the quilting community!! I love the idea of incorporating the reverse applique technique to the starry design...and kicking myself for nothing thinking of it in the first place! Perhaps the next one!!


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