Mod Mandalas

In preparation for July's Northern California Quilt Council's Meet the Teacher program, I've been busy developing exciting new workshops.  Introducing Mod Mandalas!!   
Majestic Mod Mandala, Finishes 21" x 21"

Cre8 & Medit8 Prototype

My Mod Mandalas series started out using the slice and insert piecing technique, which in this case does require a certain level of precision.  So in January, I began experimenting using bias-tape applique for my Cre8 & Medit8 for Project Quilting's "8 is Great" challenge.  Not only did I love the design possibilities that were possible when using bias tape applique, but I also found the constuction to be considerably easier and faster!  I just needed to refine the mandala's design to be more balanced as I found the four corners to really command attention, leaving noticeable gaps along the four sides.

Now that I knew what didn't work, I could focus on drafting a more balanced design.  I used a hinged set of mirrors to audition my lines and angles.
Drafted Mod Mandala
Once I was pleased with the composition, it was time to convert my black and white design into color.  In an effort of finding ways to expedite the construction process for a 1 day workshop, I purchased some packaged bias tape (teal), which I then supplemented with a different width of tape (gold) that I made using yardage from my stash.  I chose a tertiary color combination of eggplant/plum, teal and gold.
Assembled Quilt Top 
Aurifil 50 weight threads were used to add beautiful quilted texture into the background areas:  Loop de loops, wedges and nesting C-durves.
Aurifil 50 weight:  Yellow (2135), Light Jade (1148) and Medium Purple (2545)
Much to my amazement, I found the perfect teal and gold stripe in my stash to use for the binding.

More Mod Mandalas are in development.  Check out this amazing selection of bias tape that Bobi L, a fellow guild member, gifted me after cleaning out her stash!!
More Mod Mandalas on the Horizon


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    1. Thank you Pauline...I sure love my mandalas and can't wait to create some new ones!!


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