The Quilt Show Part 1: Preparations and Packing

June had originally promised to include lots of downtime from teaching so I could work on quilt challenges and develop new workshops.  And then I received a surprise email from The Quilt Show inviting me to be a featured artist in their upcoming round of taped episodes at Ricky Tim's studio in La Veta, Colorado in mid-June.  After I had a chance to digest the email and speak with Lilo, the Editor-in-Chief/Production Manager to enthusiastically accept this amazing opportunity, I was sent into a flurry of activity to prepare for the taping scheduled just 6 weeks out!!
Preparing Step Outs and Samples for The Quilt Show--Does That Star Look Familiar?!?
So much for my June downtime!  Thankfully the TQS production team has this down to a science as they helped navigate me through all the preparations.  I immediately got to work on my travel arrangements to La Veta, Colorado:  flight tickets, rental vehicle and overnight accommodations.  After my "pre-interview" with Shelly, the Producer, to determine the content, more preparations were in order!!  There were step outs to prepare, samples to create and selecting which quilts to take with me (many of which needed sleeves!!).  Thank goodness for to-do lists!!    
Pre-Show Preparations:  Quilts & Makeover for Me
Last but not least involved a bit of a makeover for me:  manicure, makeup, hair cut and wardrobe.  Clothes shopping proved to be much more difficult than anticipated and I even resorted to visiting not one but two different shopping malls (as well as multiple Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross stores!!!) all to no avail.  Luckily my fashionable friend, Gayle, took me under her wing as she booked me my first manicure appointment (in preparation for the demo close up shots) and she even allowed me to raid her closet to create some fun layered looks.  I met up with a make up consultant who helped me navigate the make up aisle, to which I practiced applying the next few days.  And my hair stylist worked her magic on a stylish new hair do.
Auditioning Wardrobe Options the Morning of Taping--Thankful to Have Options!!
More packing lists to ensure that I carefully packed everything that I needed for my travels and taping, especially since La Veta, Colorado is a fairly small town.  FYI:  the population is less than 800, and there isn't a Target/Quilt Shop in town!!

With my bags all packed, I was off to Colorado for 3 fun-filled days...