California State Fair

This past weekend, Doug and I drove up to Sacramento and braved the 100+ degree heat for the annual California State Fair. 
California State Fair Entrance
Back in late April, I decided to enter a few of my quilts into the California Crafts Competition, especially since this year they added a new Modern Quilt category.  The entry fee was only $12 per quilt, plus the cost of shipping your quilts for the judging process (note:  next year they will be moving to an online submission process using photos for the initial jurying process).  In early June I received a feedback form for each quilt in the mail and was impressed with the quality of hand-written feedback that was provided:  a full paragraph plus with both praise as well as some constructive feedback).  The form also indicated whether or not the quilt had received any ribbons or awards.  I was excited to learn that all four of my quilts had placed and would be included in the Crafts Exhibition.
My Colorful Quilts & I
Exhibitors are provided with two complementary adult tickets and a FREE parking pass which we opted to use to attend the Awards ceremony on Saturday morning.  The ceremony celebrates the major and donated awards and afterwards I was able to pick up my ribbons (with the cash prizes mailed at a later date).
Quilts Exhibited (Top Left Clockwise)

Time to Celebrate
This certainly called for a celebration, which included sharing a Funnel Cake (or Fried Dough as we called it in New York) followed by checking out the rest of the fair's exhibits that celebrate California's forestry, farming, wildlife and even included a Dinosaur exhibit.
Having Fun At the Fair:  Wood Carved Creatures, Tractors, Doug with a Douglas Fir, Birds of Prey and Dinosaurs
The exhibits provided both education and inspiration.  I was especially enamored with a ceiling installation featuring hanging soda bottles that contained colorful liquid.  I loved the gradation of color, light and floral shapes created at the base of each bottle.  In the Modoc county exhibit, there was a rotating display of barbed wire styles that could easily translate into free motion quilting designs.  Oh the possibilities!!
Inspiration for Next Year's State Fair Quilt Entries?!?
I encourage all my California quilting & crafty friends to consider submitting your work to the 2018 Crafts Competition!!


  1. Congratulations on your awards. I attended the Texas State Fair for years, as a child, adult, and then with my own children. What fond memories! Must remember to attend fairs in other states.

    1. We enjoyed our inaugural visit to the CA State Fair. While it was certainly hot outside, each of the indoor exhibits was air conditioned and there was quite a bit of shade as you walked from venue to venue. I hope you will consider entering one or more of your quilts next will give us another great reason to return!


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