Mod Mola & Bright Blooms: Pastel Peony

Time for a new Mod Mola & Bright Blooms sample featuring more Kaffe prints!
Pastel Peony, Finishes 16" x 20"
Many quilters are surprised to learn that I do not use any marking pens prior to stitching out my design.  After hearing too many horror stories about the pens coming out too early or not coming out at all, I simply avoid them at all costs.  Instead, I use contact paper, regular printer paper and blue painter's tape as templates or guides for my designs.

I've learned that I am unable to create symmetrical why bother?  By folding my paper in half and cutting out one half, I am able to create a perfectly balanced vase template!  I also struggle stitching perfectly straight again, why bother?  A length of blue painter's tape creates a perfect straight edge that I can echo with my darning foot.  And as a bonus, it helps remove any stray threads or lint!!
Mark-Free Tools
A variety of Aurifil 50-weight threads were used to outline stitch my various shapes and background fillers (left to right):

  • Bubblegum 3660 Variegated for the Peony Flower Petals 
  • French Lilac 3840 Variegated for the Wavy C Curves
  • Medium Blue Grey 1310 for the background zig zag meander
  • Spring Green 1232 for the flower stem and leaves
  • Mist 2660 for the Vase

Line Up of Aurifil Threads Used
It should come as no surprise that I love adding beautiful quilting texture and I very much like the finished wholecloth design.  But I LOVE the transformation that comes next as I carefully trim away swatches of fabric from the top layer of fabric to reveal snippets of Kaffe prints hidden below.
Total Transformation!!
For this particular project, I used two muted Kaffe prints and one dark teal solid:
  • Kaffe Pastel Ombre for both the Flower Petals (pink areas) and the Wavy Lines (greens, teals & purple area)
  • Kaffe Grey Mad Plaid for the Vase and binding
  • Dark Teal Solid for the Top, which becomes the background after the cutwork is complete
For those living in the Bay Area, I will be teaching a Mod Molas & Bright Blooms for Bay Quilts Quilt Shop (Richmond, CA) on November 11th and look forward to adding future dates to my teaching schedule.    


  1. Great fabric choice for the vase. Love the way you used the plaid. And the waves at the bottom of your quilt. And your stitching choices. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Ann...I've been collecting Kaffe prints for a year or two now and they work beautifully with these Mod Molas. Time to revisit my other stash collections for Mod Mola potential!! And I love incorporating some of my favorite FMQ fillers into the designs!!


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