Summer Sizzle: Sunny Rays & Days

One more Mod Mandala inspired by Project Quilting's off-season challenge theme:  Summer Sizzle.  Special thanks to my friend Sharon F for a large donation of single-fold bias tape, several of which were incorporated to create a gradient effect for this design!  I supplemented by creating some 1/4" bias tape using yardage from my stash.  
Sunkissed Quilt Top
Through doodling, I was able to explore new quilting motifs to add quilted texture to all that wonderful negative space.  Usually it takes several iterations until I land on the perfect combinations of motifs.  Initially I reverted to my tried and true loop de loops and C-curves and sketched out a few linear designs to complement all the curvilinear designs.  I really liked the nestling triangles/zig zags and chevrons and continued to finetune for each area.
Pool of Doodles
Doodling also helps me to develop muscle memory as well as work out the travel path in and around the quilt.
Drawing to Awe Inspiring Texture
Rather than an all over motif for the background, I wanted to carry the sun rays out to the edges.  Again you can see that several revisions are required until I land on the final design.
Sunny Rays
Blue painter's tape was used to mark out the rays, half of which were filled in with alternating nesting zig zags or chevrons.  Once these were all outlined and stitched, I really liked the light and shadow created by leaving half of the rays unquilted and chose not to leave them as is rather than fill in with a zig zag meander.
If You Steal My Sunshine
For the most part, I love the zen of quilting in the negative space.  However, I've noticed that I always leave the center most area for last as it is the one that challenges me the most.  Instead of one large star, I try to break the area down into 8 smaller diamond shapes.  By breaking down the area into more manageable shapes makes it easier to carry on the nesting zig zags and chevron designs.
Hot Diggity Done!
All the quilting was done in Pale Yellow (1135) Aurifil 50 weight.  It added the perfect amount of contrast to the blue background without overpowering the overall mandala design.  I found this fun cocktail print for the background and had fun incorporating my new sunglasses into the photoshoot.
Sunny Days...Chasing the Clouds Away!
Sunny Rays & Days, Finishes 22" x 22"
As you can see, I am having so much fun with these Mod Mandalas!  I am already planning new variations and color combinations!  And I can't wait to see what others create in my new Mod Mandalas workshop!!


  1. I love this! A wonderful little quilt! Thank for joining in the PQ fun!

    1. Thanks Kim! These Mod Mandalas are so much fun to make...oh the possibilities! Thanks for continuing the PQ fun this summer!

  2. I love the quilting. This design sure begged for the interpretive quilting.

    1. Thanks Rochelle. These Mod Mandalas create some awesome negative space that is just perfect for adding some fun free-motion quilting. Doodling certainly helps with the audition process!!


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