Mod Molas for The Quilt Show

In this first week of The Quilt Show #2112 airing, I've received some wonderful feedback, especially about the Mod Mola technique.  Quilters, who have been saving precious hand dyed fabrics, are inspired to create their first Mod Mola!!!
TQS Mod Mola, Finishes 12" x 12"
During the episode, I demonstrate the basic Mod Mola technique by creating mini Mod Molas inspired by and made for The Quilt Show.  Prior to the taping, I received permission to use the TQS dancing star logo, which was transferred onto contact paper to create mark-free templates. 
Transferring the TQS Logo with Contact Paper Onto my Quilt Sandwich
During the taping, one of the star points is revealed through careful cutwork.  With the magic of TV, a finished TQS Mod Mola is then presented.  Here is the swatch by swatch reveal of that beautifully glowing dancing star.
Twinkling Star Transformation
In addition to the step outs, I made 3 finished TQS Mod Molas:  one each for Alex & Ricky, and one for me to keep as a souvenir of my TQS experience.

Are you ready to give Mod Molas a try?!?  I'd love to see a picture (hint-hint).


  1. You are so clever to make TQS stars for the show and very kind to make mementos for Alex and Ricky. Wishing you the best in your new career. I predict you will be very successful.

    1. Thanks Ann...I wanted to have a spare sample just in case I needed to go through the demo multiple times. I had planned to give them to Alex & Ricky--so that is why I bound them prior to the cutwork. When I saw Alex at PIQF--she thanked me again for her TQS mod mola!

  2. Congratulations, Mel! Super show and again, I am so impressed with your creativity and productivity! Clearly, Alex and Tim are as well!

    1. Awww...thanks Jackie!! I am still pinching myself as it's been an amazing journey!! I really enjoyed working with Alex, Ricky & the entire TQS crew!!!


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