Where to Find Quilt Challenge Opportunities

After people learn that I've completed more than 60 quilt challenges in the past 4-5 years, they usually have a few follow up questions:
1.  WHY!?!?  
2.  How do you find the time?
3.  Where do you get your ideas/inspiration?
4.  How do you find all these quilt challenges?

In my Challenge Yourself! lecture/trunk show, I answer each of these questions by addressing common fears associated with quilt challenges, highlighting the benefits of partcipation, sharing tips/tricks for having fun and during the trunk show portion, I am sure to share the journey of each challenge quilt I bring. 

Oftentimes after my presentation, I receive emails asking me for a copy of the slide where I post Quilt Challenge Opportunities.  These emails totally make my day as it means that I was successful in my mission to encourage participation in Quilt Challenges!

So I thought I would share this information here with some more detail as to where you can learn about upcoming quilt challenge opportunities...

1.  Your Quilt Guild

Quilt Guild Challenges
My journey into quilt challenges began with the annual challenges hosted by my own local quilt guild as part of our biannual quilt show.  These are a great way to get started as you are surrounded by your fellow quilting friends.  As I've travelled to various guilds, I've enjoyed seeing so many guilds host a wide range of challenges for their membership.  And in some cases, guilds started to offer quilt challenges after their members showed interest following my presentation.  If quilt challenges aren't currently part of your guild's activities, consider hosting a challenge on your own or with a friend.  Hosting quilt challenges is a fun way to get involved and meet fellow quilters.  Looking for ideas?  Here are two fun quilt challenges that I've hosted for my guild:

2.  Magazines

Keep an eye out for some of your favorite quilting magazines to announce fun new quilt challenges for their readers.  As a bonus, winning quilts are often printed in future issues!!

Here are a few examples of past quilt challenges hosted by magazines.

3.  Online

Thanks to social media, you can find so many amazing quilt challenges all online!!

4.  Fabric Companies

Many fabric companies are now hosting fabric challenges.  These are a great way to explore new fabric lines and in some cases score free fabric!!  Here are a few of my favorite fabric challenges:

5.  Friends/Fellow Guild Members

Once you get a reputation for participating in quilt challenges--friends and fellow guild members will start notifying you of upcoming challenge opportunities!!  Here are some ways of staying up to date on upcoming challenge opportunities:


  1. What an inspiring post. It's a great lecture too, oh Queen of Challenges.

    1. Thanks Ann...happy to share challenge opportunities with my fellow quilters as I hope they will find a fun new challenge that inspires them to give challenges a try!!


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