Intriguing Interleaves All Stars with Annie's Star Quilting Guild

Last week, I trekked up to Chico, CA to visit with Annie's Star Quilt Guild.  As I was getting ready to load my car, the sky opened up and it was raining buckets outside.  Luckily the rain lightened up within 20 minutes so I was able to load everything into my car and get on the road as scheduled.  I am glad I gave myself plenty of extra travel time, as the first leg of the drive up was crazy due to the weather and several accidents along the side of the highway including a 16-wheeler that jack-knifed off the side of the highway and a BMW that T-boned the median!  Fortunately the skies cleared up for the remainder of the trip and I had ample time to check out a couple of quilt shops before the evening meeting.

I enjoy walking around and checking out all the meeting festivities and guild activities:  block parties, programs & workshops and especially philanthropic efforts.  There was quite a bit of enegy and excitement throughout the hall, especially at their philanthropy table where they had pillow case kits, doll kits and more!! 

The next day, I taught Intriguing Interleaves for a fabulous group of quilters.   

Beth gets the award for being the first to send a picture of her finished & bound Interleave quilt.  She brought a lovely curated collection of fabrics including some tone one tones in reds, yellows & blues, along with some floral prints.  I love how the light and dark values create a really dynamic design.  And the floral print beautifully frames it!!  Beth shared that this workshop was a "good inspiration for me to break out of the 'traditional' box" (which I just love!!)
Beth Carlson's Finished Interleave

This next quilt was the first to be assembled during the workshop.  It includes a fun selection of tone on tones including some fun dots!    
Dots Galore

Solids create such bold interleaves that just pop, especially with such a pretty palette of colors!! 
Bold Solids

Batiks can add some cool effects--almost watercolor.
Brilliant Batiks

Red, yellow & blue, combined with 3 values of black & white prints create a fun Interleave design!
Pretty in Primary Prints

Here is a fun patriotic twist featuring red & white prints.  Once it was assembled, we experimented with a neighbor's swatch of blue to create a field of blue to complete an American Flag design. 
Red, White & Blue!

Then there are magical fabrics that do the design work for us!  Here, a pretty spectacular batik stripe adds wonderful depth and movement to this jewel toned design!
Spectacular Stripes!

And here is a large scale print mixed with another fabulous woven striped fabric, tone on tones & solids.  The color changes in the large scale print add to the watercolor effect.   
Gorgeous Large Print & Stunning Stripes!

Many thanks to Annie's Star Quilt Guild for a fabulous visit!  Later this week, I am heading south to San Diego for some more Intriguing Interleave fun!!